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Dr. Elena Minelli
University of Bath
United Kingdom

‘The course Teaching Black Italy exceeded by far my expectations. It was amazing to see how we managed to cover such a vast amount of material in 10 hours, addressing  so many different socio-cultural and political aspects of Italy. At the end of this course,  I realised how much I didn’t know about the ‘invisible presence’ of the second generation of black immigrants in Italy. As a Lecturer in Italian I am involved in the process of Decolonising the Curriculum, and this course offered exactly what I needed. The course structure was excellent, each session covered a specific cultural aspect (eg. cinema, literature, social media..) with reference to its historical elements and ended with live testimonies of people who are currently living and working in Italy. This course also gave me the great opportunity to work with colleagues from different Institution, including Universities based in the USA. The network we have established is the basis for our fruitful and future collaboration.

I strongly recommend this course to anyone working in the area of Italian Studies in any part of the world.’




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