This is a list of courses based on Black Italy topics taught in North America

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Year 2021 (Fall)
Title: "Italy in Color: The cultural explosion of Second-Generation African Italians, from Jollof to #BLMItaly"
Institution: Marist College
Professor: M. Marina Melita


Year 2021 (Fall)
Title: ""Black Italy: Migration, Human Rights and Representation."
Institution: Colorado College
Professor: Carla Cornette

Year 2021 (Fall)
Title: "Black Italy & Black Italians: Post-Colonial Voices-Contemporary
Afro-Italians (ITAL 300)"

Institution: University of Pennsylvania
Professor: Rossella Di Rosa

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davida gavioli_edited.jpg

Spring  2021
Title: "Black Italia, or the Renegotiation of Italianness
ITAL 3040  (c)  "

Institution: Bowdoin College
Professor: Davida Gavioli

Year 2020
Title: "Postcolonial Italy: Migration, Human Rights and Citizenship"
Institution: Penn State University
Professor: Carla Cornette

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Year 2020
Title: "Black Italian Cinema and Digital Performances"
Institution: Colorado College
Professor: Fred Kuwornu and Amanda Minervini

If the course is taught in English:
1. Use a simple and accessible title.
Terms like Postcolonial are difficult to understand for students of generalist courses.

2. Find collaborations with colleagues of Africana Studies. Maybe they can give  a general lectures about Black Diaspora

3. Invite Afro-Italians guests online