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A partial list of readings and abstract to introduce Blackness in the contest of Italy and the terminology used in the contest of diasporic Black Studies. 

We evidence in red the scholars with an African-Italian background and African Descent scholars with their studies focus on Italy.


Paul Gilroy, “There Ain’t No Black in the Union Jack”: The Cultural Politics of Race and Nation (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1987), 12. 


Heather Merrill’s Black Spaces: African Diaspora in Italy


S.Y. Smythe
" Black Italianità" DOWNLOAD PDF

Sandra Agyei Kyeremeh Whitening Italian sport: The construction of ‘Italianness’ in national sporting fields  DOWNLOAD PDF

Merill, Heather. “In Other Wor(l)ds: Situated Intersectionality in Italy.”

Stuart Hall, 1997. Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices


Homi Bhabha, “The Other Question: Stereotype, Discrimination, and the Discourse of Colonialism”; “Of Mimicry and Man.” The Location of Culture (New York: Routledge, 1994) 66-92. 

Camilla Hawthorne “In search of Black Italia” DOWNLOAD PDF

Robert Stam and Louise Spence, “Colonialism, Racism, and Representation: An Introduction.” Leo Braudy and Marshall Cohen, eds. Film Theory and Criticism (New York; Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009) 751-766. 

Alessandra Di Maio ” Black Italia: Contemporary Migrant Writers from Africa” 


Frantz Fanon, “The Fact of Blackness”

Merrill, Heather. 2018. Black Spaces: African Diaspora in Italy. Milton, UNITED KINGDOM: Routledge.


Patriarca, Silvana, and Valeria Deplano. 2018. "
Modern Italy 23 (4): 349–53. 

Bianchi, Rino Terranova. 2014. Roma negata: percorsi postcoloniali nella città / Scego, Igiaba.


Caterina Romeo, “Racial Evaporations: Representing Blackness in African Italian Postcolonial Literature,” in Postcolonial Italy: Challenging National Homogeneity, ed. Cristina Lombardi-Diop and Caterina Romeo (London: Palgrave, 2012), 221-36.


Rhiannon Welch, “Race and Colonial (Re)productivity,” Annali d’italianistica 32 (2014): 197-213.


Gilroy, P. (1993). The Black Atlantic: Modernity and Double Consciousness


Cristina-Lombardi Diop “Transoceanic Race – A postcolonial approach to Italian-American Studies”


From Web Articles:

“Making Black Lives Matter in Italy: A transnational Dialogue”

by Angelica Pesarini and Camilla Hawthorne





Ruth Ben-Ghiat, “The Italian Colonial Cinema: Agendas and Audiences.” Ruth Ben-Ghiat and Mia Fuller, eds. Italian Colonialism. (New York: Palgrave, 2005) 179-192.
--. “Envisioning Modernity: Desire and Discipline in the Italian Fascist Film”
Critical Inquiry. 23:1 (Autumn, 1996) 109-144. 

Paul Landau, “Empires of the Visual: Visuality in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa.” Paul Landau and Karen Pinkus, 1995. “Selling Black Bodies. Advertising and the Africa Campaigns” in: Bodily Regimes: Italian Advertising Under Fascism, University of Minnesota Press, Chapter 2 (pp.21-81) 

Deobrah Kaspin, eds. Images and Empires: Visuality in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2002). 

Giulia Barrera, “Patrilinearity, race and Identity. The upbringing of Italo-Eritrean during Italian colonialism” in Italian Colonialism, (eds.) Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Mia Fuller, chapter 8 pp.97-107 

Áine O’Healy, “[Non] è una somala: Deconstructing African Femininity in Italian Film.” The Italianist 29 (2009) 175-198. 

Sandra Ponzanesi -Edges of Empire: Italy's Postcolonial Entanglements and the Gender Legacy." Cultural Studies ↔ Critical Methodologies 16 (4): 373–86.

Ruth Ben-Ghiat, “Why Are So Many Fascist Monuments Still Standing in Italy?” 

Race, Nation and Gender in Modern Italy (2019)

Patrizia Palumbo A Place in the Sun. Africa in Italian Colonial Culture from Post-Unification to the Present (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2003) 255-278. 

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Greene, S. (2012). “Envisioning Postcolonial Italy.” Postcolonial Italy, Lombardi-Diop and Romeo(Eds.). Palgrave Macmillan, 253–262. 





Shelleen Greene "Il Mulatto: The Negotiation of Interracial Identity in the Italian Post-War Narrative Film,"


Caponetto, Rosetta. “Fade to White. Literary Representations of Colonial Mulattoes in Fascist Italy.” Borders Crossings: Narrative and Demarcation in Postcolonial Literatures and Media. Ed. J. K. S. Makokha, Jennifer Wawrzinek, and Russell West-Pavlov. Heidelberg: Winter Verlag, 2012. 47–64. Print.



Filial ascent: The African roots of postcolonial literature in Italy – Cristina Lombardi Diop





Elena Benelli, “The Other from Another Shore: Identity at Sea in Quando sei nato non puoi più nasconderti.” Grace Russo Bullaro, ed. From Terrone to Extracomunitario: New Manifestations of Racism in Contemporary Italian Cinema (Leicester: Troubador, 2010) 219-239. 

Giovanna Lerner, “From the Other Side of the Mediterranean: Hospitality in Italian Migration Cinema.” California Italian Studies 1:1 (2010) 1-19. 

Orton, Marie. 2018. “Counter-Memory and Representations of Otherness: Three Documentaries by Fred Kudjo Kuwornu.” Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies 6 (2): 179–92.

Daniela Ricci "Il cinema di Dagmawi Yimer: un nuovo sguardo sull’Italia di oggi " ATER - UFR PHILLIA. Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense DOWNLOAD PDF


Polato, Farah. 2013. “Rachid, Theo, Dagmawi e gli altri. Voci e forme di nuovo cinema.” In L’Africa in Italia. Per una controstoria postcoloniale del cinema italiano, a cura di Leonardo de Franceschi, 139-155. Roma: Aracne. 

Triulzi, Alessandro. 2009. “Per un archivio delle memorie migranti.” In Come un uomo sulla terra, a cura di Matteo Carsetti e Alessandro Triulzi, 17-20. Roma: Infinito Edizioni.


Yimer, Dagmawi. 2009. “Il mio diario non è scomparso.” In Come un uomo sulla terra, a cura di Matteo Carsetti e Alessandro Triulzi, 103-105. Roma: Infinito Edizioni. 

Jedlowski, Alessandro. 2011. “L’emergenza di forme di cinema migrante in Italia.” In Camera Africa. Classici, noir, Nollywood e la nuova generazione del cinema delle Afriche, a cura di Vanessa Lanari e con la collaborazione di Fabrizio Colombo e Stefano Gaiga, 69-76. Verona: Cierre Edizioni. 


An article by Teresa Fiore entitled “From exclusion to expression in A Sud di Lampedusa and Come un uomo sulla terra: Visualizing detention centres along Italy-bound migrant routes” was published in January 2018 within the special issue of the Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies (Volume 6), devoted to documentary film and migration in 20th Century Italy (guest editor: Gaoheng Zhang, University of British Columbia, Vancouver).



Trans-regional optics and queer affiliations in the work of Jonas Carpignano by DerekDuncan

Alberto Zambenedetti "Multiculturalism in new Italian Cinema" DOWNLOAD PDF


Angela Porcarelli-Multiculturalism in contemporary Italy: An interview with Fred Kuwornu Source: Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies





Sandra Agyei Kyeremeh “Corpi neri in spazi maschili bianchi. Le atlete italiane nere o di origini straniere nello sport italiano. Black bodies in white male spaces.”DOWNLOAD PDF


Sandra Ponzanezi “Beyond the Black Venus. Colonial Sexual Politics and Contemporary Visual Practices” DOWNLOAD PDF


Rosetta Giuliani Caponetto Blaxploitation Italian Style Exhuming and Consuming the Colonial Black Venus in 1970s Cinema in Italy- Chapter of” Postcolonial Italy”

Camilla Hawthorne, 2019. "Making Italy: Afro-Italian entrepreneurs and the racial boundaries of citizen- ship." Social & Cultural Geography . DOWNLOAD PDF

Frisina, Annalisa, and Camilla Hawthorne. 2018. "
 Italians with veils and Afros: gender, beauty, and the everyday anti-racism of the daughters of immigrants in Italy

 Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 44 (5): 718–35 

García-Peña, Lorgia Being Black Ain’t So Bad… Dominican Immigrant Women Negotiating Race in Contemporary Italy

Sonia Sabelli. L’eredità del colonialismo nelle rappresentazioni contemporanee del corpo femminile nero. DOWNLOAD PDF


Gregoria Manzin “Colonizing the Novel: Voice of Chorality in Ghermandi’s Regina di fiori e di perle. Moving beyond to redefine the Boundaries of Italian Literature.” 

Graziella Parati, “Looking through Non-Western Eyes: Immigrant Women’s Autobiographical Narratives in Italian.” Writing New Identities: Gender, Nation, and Immigration in Contemporary Europe. Grisela Brinker-Gabler and Sidonie Smith (eds.) (University of Minnesota Press, 1997): 124. 





Smythe, S. A. (2019). “Black Italianità: Citizenship and Belonging in the Black Mediterranean”. California Italian Studies, 9(1). DOWNLOAD PDF


Theophilus Imani, “Due cittadinanze, un’unica appartenenza,” FuturAfrika. Un nuovo volto dell’Africa e della Diaspora africana (2015), last accessed November 2019,


Jacqueline Andall, 2010. “The G2 Network and Other Second-Generation Voices: Claiming Rights and Transforming Identities”, in National Belongings. Hybridity in Italian Colonial and Postcolonial Cultures, Peter Lanx Oxford

Andall, Jacqueline. 2002. "Second-generation attitude? African-Italians in Milan." Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 28 (3): 389–407

Mark Doidge, 2015. ‘If you jump up and down, Balotelli dies’: Racism and player abuse in Italian football. International Review for the Sociology of Sport. Vol. 50, Issue 3


Stephen Gundle, 2005. “Miss Italia in Black and White: Feminine Beauty and Ethnic Identity in Modern Italy”, in Migrant Cartographies: New Cultural and Literary Spaces in Post-colonial Europe (eds.) Sandra Ponzanesi and Daniela Merolla, Lexington Books, Chapter 20, pp.253-266. 



Pesarini, Angelica, and Guido Tintori. 2020. "Mixed Identities in Italy: A Country in Denial." 

Dotti, Guido. 2020. "Racism, Xenophobia, and Migration in Italy, a Post-Catholic Country."


Pesarini, Angelica. n.d. "'Blood Is Thicker than Water': The Materialization of the Racial Body in Fascist East Africa - Zapruder World." Accessed July 3, 2018



Ardizzoni, Michela. 2020. "On Rhythms and Rhymes: Poetics of Identity in Postcolonial Italy." DOWNLOAD PDF

Clarissa Clò, “Hip-Pop Italian Style: The Postcolonial Imagination of Second-Generation Authors in Italy” DOWNLOAD PDF

Ferrari, Jacopo. 2018. "La lingua dei rapper figli dell'immigrazione in Italia." Lingue e culture dei media 2 (1): 155–72.

Enrico Zammarchi’s abstract

Release Late 2021- Contemporary Italian Diversity in Critical and Fictional Narratives, e gli editor saranno Marie Orton, Graziella Parati, e Ron Kubati (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2021). 



Joaneath Spicer Free men and women of african ancestry in renaissance europe


Revealing the african presence in renaissance europe DOWNLOAD PDF

Mary Gallucci: Alessandro De' Medici and the question of Race DOWNLOAD PDF

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