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faculty's scholars and special guests
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Antar Mohamed Marincola
 Antar Marincola's about Colonialism

Antar Mohamed Marincola is born in Mogadishu. He lives in Italy where he studied, worked as translator, actor, writer and teacher. His last publication, published by Einaudi was "Timira. Mestizo Novel", initially written through collaboration between Wu Ming and Timira Hassan Yere (Isabella Marincola), who was Antar’s mother and an actress who played in "Riso Amaro" by Giuseppe de Santis. During the process of writing, Timira died, and so Antar took over the role of co-author. The book is a sort of biography of Timira Hassan Yere that has many historical references to the political context of her time: Italian colonialism, fascism and (post) colonialism. In the book Giorgio Marincola, Timira’s brother is also mentioned; he was a Black Italian partisan, who was murdered by Nazi troops in May 1945, only few days after the “Italian Liberation Day” (25 April 1945). Antar will lead us in the cluster about Colonialism, Afro-Italians born in the Colonies, and the immigration from  Africa of the 50s, 60s 70s.

 Justin Randolph Thompson

Justin Randolph Thompson is a new media artist, cultural facilitator and educator born in Peekskill, NY in ’79. Living between Italy and the US since 1999, Thompson is Co-Founder and Director of Black History Month Florence, a multi-faceted exploration of African and African Diasporic cultures in the context of Italy founded in 2016.

He is the curator for the project: Black Presence a new series by the Uffizi Galleries highlighting the representation of Black Africans in Renaissance Europe.
His life and work seek to deepen the discussions around socio-cultural stratification and hierarchical organization by employing fleeting temporary communities as monuments and fostering projects that connect academic discourse social activism and DIY networking strategies in annual and biennial gathering, sharing and gestures of collectivity. He teaches at SACI  Studio Arts College International Florence.

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Laila Petrone
(Rome-Los Angeles)

Laila Petrone Film director, screenwriter, film speaker and educator. Laila Petrone is an Italian/Dominican filmmaker. Raised between Italy and The United States. Laila received a B.A in International Affairs (John Cabot University) and a Master in Communication & Media (University of Florence). Currently, Laila is working on a docu-series titled Mothers and Daughters. This project explores the stories of several Latina mothers and daughters born and/or raised in Italy. Laila’s work ranges in genre but always with a common desire to explore multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion.

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Jordan Anderson

Jordan Anderson  Born and raised in Kingston Jamaica, Jordan Anderson is a fashion and culture journalist & creative director who is currently based in Milan. His work often magnifies & explores political themes in and outside the fashion industry including race, gender, identity & brand and cultural ethics. He contributes to a variety of publications including Document Journal, Teen Vogue, Vogue Italia. Jordan founded the project, sponsored by Coverse, “My Queer Blackness, My Black Queerness”. Also known by the acronym MQBMBQ,  the platform aims to be a virtual safe space for Black queer people in Italy.

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Tia Taylor

Tia Taylor  is an American ( Nigerian father and Jamainca mother) influencer and digital strategist with more than 300.000 subscribers  on her YouTube channel. She has a Degree at Bocconi University (Milan) and she is the founder of the new platform Colory and the author of the book: RacConti. She will lead us into the digital sphere of Blackness in Italy and the African-American experience who reside in Italy.

Ark Ndulue(Naples)

Ark Ndulue Born and raised in Castel Volturno (Naples)  Ark Joseph Ndule is an Italian-Nigerian co-founder of  Collettivo Articolo3.it, an activist and community organizer, model, student in Law Studies. He will lead us into the history of the pre-BLM movements in Italy and the current digital actvism of Youth Black Italians